Our Churches

St Mary Magdalene

St_mm_roofed.jpg Saint Mary Magdalene's Church on Cambridge Avenue, sits on the site of the original Anglican church in Ashhurst established in the 1880s.

The original extension was shifted to Bunnythorpe, and then later to a Maori Marae near Rata. St Mary Magdalene's as it is now was built and consecrated in April 1900.

There are two very early photographs of this church and other old photographs will be here soon, also, there is a list of names, dates and photographs of all the previous vicars that have served in this Parish.

St Mary Magdalene's is an all wooden construction and it was given a major addition between 1994 and 1997. A new ramp to provide easier access for older folk and people with disabilities. The porch area provides a gathering space and a sheltered area for arriving wedding parties. The main hall was recently modified and now has a uni-sex paraplegic toilet.

st_mm_int_resize.jpgIn 2010 the church was replaced with long-run colour-steel iron, replaced the spouting and repaired the steeple.

In early 2012, the building committee presented to Vestry and the membership, three other projects for their approval.

Our new heating system, an LPG powered heat pump, ducting warm air under the floors and heating through vents placed throughout the church and vestry, has been installed. Wonderful warm, efficient heat!

Added to that, we have replaced the carpet throughout the church, vestry and entry areas. The old one was literally worn out. New chairs rather than pews have been installed - individual / stackable / comfortable.

Our new sound system with more capacity, options and functions that will support us for the future has finished our capital works projects. Lovely, powerful sound that 'fills the house' and allows our harder of hearing members to hear and participate in the services.

int_new_carpet_chairs_700.jpgWe are also beginning to explore options for expanding or rebuilding our main hall some time in the future. Planning for bigger auditorium space, a more functional and better kitchen, better facilities, purpose designed and built meeting rooms and a new, functional office for the parish staff. It is certainly deficient as it stands, more so as we become more involved with our community. This will be a huge project and likely quite expensive requiring fundraising in house and from the community.

Our main hall is used regularly - a general purpose hall, a coffee and meeting room and Parish Office. The Ladies Study Group uses it on Wednesday mornings.

Local community groups and the Palmerston North City Council often use our hall for their local and community meetings and it is available to the Public for community and private events.

new_seats.jpgTo request the use of our hall, first contact our office - if that is unsuccessful, fill in our web form and the office staff will act on it.Use of a basic sound system for use in the hall may be available on request.

The smaller hall is used as a storage area only.

May 2015. Maroon chair backs and seats changed due to defective fabric that was fading away to nothing. to a Fawn colour.

St. Mary Magdalene's is also available and is often used as a wedding venue. Click here for more information if you are planning a wedding.

For a brief history of our parish, click here

colum_sm.jpgOur 22 niche Columbarium was constructed in 2006. A columbarium is a resting place for ashes. It is only available to members of the parish. Parish Members need to visit the Documents page in the Members Section of the website for more information.

You will find us at 67 Cambridge Avenue, Ashhurst. The dairy is opposite us! Come and see us - we would love to see you and be able to serve you and worship our Lord with you.

St Bartholomews

st_barts2.jpgSituated at the northern end of the beautiful Pohangina Valley, shaded by silver beech trees and overlooking farmland and the river valley, St Bartholomew's is a picture of serenity and beauty.

Click here for a large image of St. Bartholomew's and the Ruahine Ranges from the western or Mt. Richards side of the Pohangina Valley.

A small church built in 1926, it was extended in the 1980s to have an area for the kids and a kitchenette - and a toilet! Funds for this were raised locally, and were boosted with a gift from a trust.

St. Bartholomew's has beautiful natural wood interior, of totara and possibly rimu. There are old and original historical photographsand documents on the walls, including the consecration service.

There will soon be a list of names and photographs of all the previous vicars that have served in this Parish.

St. Bartholomew's is also available as a smaller group wedding venue. Please click here for more information.



Komako has a Columbarium designed, financed and constructed in the church grounds by local labour. This was built for the ashes of the Komako Chu

rch people. It predates the Ashhurst columbarium by many years.

Parish Members need to visit the Documents page in the Membership Section of the website for more information.

For a brief history of our parish, click here.