Weddings in our Parish

Weddings in our churches

Please bear in mind that while we have made every effort to keep our information current, it is subject to change at any time. Full and final details will be available when you make contact with the Parish office.

Wedding Rings 3.jpgWe are delighted that you may be considering being married in one of our churches. Our two Parish churches, St. Mary Magdalene's in Ashhurst and St. Bartholomew's at Komako, are available as wedding venues.

Subject to the requirements that we have as a Parish, we would try to tailor any wedding service to meet your specific needs that you can discuss with the minister taking your wedding.

By seeking to be married in our church, you are asking not only that you be legally married, but also that your union may have the blessing of God. We see marriage as a contract into which two people enter in the sight of God with solemn vows of love and faithfulness, which are to last as long as life itself.

As you plan your wedding service, please feel free to call us if you have any questions about what is required or about any other information not listed here. Our Parish contact information web page can be found here.

Alternately, if the above contact options fail, fill in the online form and we will contact you to confirm a date and time to meet our vicar or parish representative to make arrangements for the wedding.


St. Mary Magdalene's church in Ashhurst seats 100 comfortably. There is parking space in an adjoining car park as well as the two streets. Our sound system available that will play a CD or DVD or from an iPod or MP3 player if needed and a projector is available for slideshow or powerpoint presentations.

St. Bartholomew's church is much smaller and will seat about 70 comfortably, by using chairs in the back area. There is no sound system available there. There is no hall. Parking is on the side of the rural road.

Our Costs

For the celebration of your marriage, the service of several people are required, and some time is involved. Our charges are :

Item : AshhurstKomako
Church Fee$200$100

Includes Lights, Cleaning, Heating


These costs are indicative only and are subject to change.

Service Format
You will be given copies of marriage services from which to choose a service.

Marriage Licence

Please note that you cannot be married in NZ without a licence. Licences are obtained by applying to the Births, Death & Marriages counter at the Courthouse.

Other things to note

You may use you own organist, however they need to be approved by us. We will need the name and contact details so our organist can approve that person using the churches keyboard.

Floral arrangements at the end of the pews are permitted only if hung by a ribbon. Any floral arrangements need to be cleaned up within a few days of the wedding, however it's nice for our congregation on a Sunday morning to enjoy your floral arrangements.

We do not allow the use of confetti in or around the church.

The Church Hall at Ashhurst may be available for use for refreshments and for excess seating area - audio and video can be broadcast to the hall, but would need to be arranged with us during your first interview.