Get One, Give One


Vaccines are rolling out across Aotearoa New Zealand. We are grateful to have the opportunity to develop communities safe from Covid-19.

Yet as a global community, we know that we are not safe until everyone is safe. As followers of Jesus, equal access to health care is a kingdom justice issue. We know that in many developing countries vaccines may not be available. In particular, we know that developing countries often experience gaps in structure and networks which adversely affect vaccine distribution.

The Get One, Give One campaign aims to protect and support the poorest and most vulnerable. Through your support, New Zealanders have an opportunity to contribute to a global, recognized initiative which aims to love our neighbours through funding access to vaccines in developing countries.

What is Get One, Give One?

The idea behind Get One, Give One is simple. As each of us receive our vaccine, we can donate the cost of a getting a vaccine to someone in the developing world. This happens through the Get One, Give One ‘givealittle’ crowd fundraising page:

The unit cost of one vaccine is so little – just $10. This is why we are suggesting that we each aim not even just to vaccinate one person, but as many as possible. All donations are tax deductible!

How can I get more involved?

You can donate via the givealittle page at any time, whether or not you’ve had your vaccine. But more than that, this is a chance for families, workplaces, schools and churches to mobilise together to make a difference.

Downloadable promotional print and digital resources, as well as ideas for how to run Get One, Give One fundraising events, can be found online at

Who’s organising Get One, Give One, and what’s the research behind it?

Get One, Give One is organised by Anglican Missions and the Anglican Diocese of Wellington. We have worked with key industry stakeholders including UNICEF to research the unit cost of vaccine distribution. While governments are not disclosing how much they have purchased individual vaccines for, we know the average price of getting vaccines where they are needed through on the ground agency distribution networks, storage facilities and health clinics.

Where do funds raised go?

Funds raised go to the COVAX alliance, which includes UNICEF and GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation). This is the official global channel for delivery of vaccines to vulnerable and poor countries, which the NZ government already supports. The COVAX alliance works with private donors, governments,
NGOs, community organisations and with vaccine developers and manufacturers, to strengthen health care where it is needed most. COVAX and GAVI have a strong track record and recognized standards of reporting and accountability.

Funds will be transferred to UNICEF which, on behalf of the Global COVAX facility, is leading the largest vaccine procurement and supply operation ever undertaken, aiming to supply 2 billion vaccine doses by the end of the year.

What do I do now?

First off, donate your vaccine cost to givealittle!

Secondly, share Get One, Give One with your friends, family and church community. If it hasn’t featured in your parish communications yet, talk to your leadership team. There are posters to put up in your churches, schools, medical centres, workplaces and clubs, videos and slides to share in church and on social media.

We would love to hear of any creative ways you have mobilised those you know to take part eg. bake-offs, office sponsored dares, or classroom competitions.

Together, we can say ka kite to Covid-19, not just for Aoteaora-New Zealand, but for our global whanau.

Where do funds go?

• Funds raised go to the COVAX alliance, which includes UNICEF, WHO (World Health Organisation) and GAVI (the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation). COVAX is the official global channel for the delivery of vaccines to vulnerable and poor countries.

The Parish of Pohangina will collect our Parishioners donations through the plate on Sunday Mornings. and will forward the on to the Missions Board in a lump sum.