COVID-19 statement - 19 March 2020 + Updates

Due to the risks associated with the COVID-19 virus, the Anglican Diocese of Wellington has decided that there will be No Services held in Anglican Churches  in the Dicoese, until further notice, 

This includes our Parish churches in Ashhurst and Komako.  Our halls and our Office will also be closed until further notice.

This includes all organised community groups, house groups  and study groups. 

Please monitor our Parish Facebook Page for more information about our
Parish as it becomes available.

Update 4 June:

Hi All

It looks like we as a country will be going into Level 1 sometime next week.

So we will not have church this week as social distancing will still apply this Sunday and while it seems to be safe with only one known case in the country we do not want to be seen as breaking the distancing rules, not to mention we are completely sure how we would be able to go about this if our normal no’s came.

We will however start Church for the Parish in its fullest the next Sunday 14th June at 10am. (hopefully in a level 1 situation)

We will have zoom fellowship on this coming Sunday at 11am and Phil’s quiz is attached, same quiz, in 2 formats in case you can’t open one of them.

Zoom meeting address: 2493216256  (join password is in your email!)

Dr Phil's Questions:

Correct answers will be revealed via Zoom on Sunday 7 June 2020

Q1. How many blood brothers did Jesus have?

  • A. 4
  • B. 3
  • C. 2
  • D. 1

Q2. Which woman is mentioned the most in the Bible?

  • A. Rachael
  • . Mary
  • C. Sarah
  • D. Jezebel

Q3. Two men in the Bible never died. Elijah was one. Who was the other?

  • A. Isaiah
  • B. Moses
  •  C. Enoch
  • D. Samson

Q4. The film ‘Sheep Among Wolves 2’ is about the Christian Church in what country?

  • A. Israel
  • . Iran
  • C. USA
  • D. Brazil

Q5. Which of these Hollywood actors is NOT a Christian?

  • A. Chuck Norris
  • B. Kirk Cameron
  • C. Stephen Baldwin
  • D. Johnny Depp

Sunday Services from the Diocese

There will be a Sunday service livestreamed this Sunday
at 9.45 am - at and on Freeview TV channel 200 

feeview_tv.png  kordia_tk.png

(These may or may not stream on mobile devices)

There is a list of Online services and Prayers by different churches in the Diocese Movement webite.

These Service will be available on the
Wellington Docese Youtube page after the event.

Evening Prayer - Monday to Saturday at 9 pm

Join Movement here for online Evening Prayer via Zoom
The link will take you to download page if you dont have Zoom loaded.

  • Please stay in your bubble!
  • Please Be kind to each another! 
  • Call those you love and those who are alone!
  • Where you can, Spread the Love Of Christ!
  • Peace and blessings from all of us here at the Parish of Pohangina