This is a copy of the full document on the Diocese Movement website

Bishop Justin and Bishop Eleanor are excited to inform the whānau of some changes to the senior leadership structure of the diocese next year.

With the retirement and a change of roles for some of current regional archdeacons, the opportunity has presented itself to reconsider the role of Archdeacons and how senior leadership best serves our entire diocesan family.

For several years now, a structure of network groups, known as clusters, have grown into the primary source of support for clergy within their geographic locale. Cluster relationships will be further developed to underpin clergy wellbeing and will be the first port of call for our clergy team to receive advice and assistance in their various ministries.  The administrative functions around HR that Archdeacons have held in the past will move towards being held centrally at the Anglican Centre.

With that local support in place, moving forward into 2020, the bishops are pleased to announce the new Archdeaconry team and their various responsibilities – which move away from a geographic focus to one that is arranged around portfolios based on skills, experience, and perceived areas or needs for growth and development within the diocese. They are:

Rev Nigel Dixon – care for church growth and health, and church planting

Rev Canon Sue Fordyce – care for governance issues

Archdeacon Julie Rokotakala – Vicar General and assisting with canonical issues

Rev Scottie Reeve – care for church planting and for the Spiral Network (pioneer or edge ministries)

Archdeacon Martin Robinson – care for pre- and post-ordination training and church growth

Dean David Rowe – care for church growth and health

Archdeacon Gendy Thomson – care for mission and ministry

Rev Pete Watson – care for discipleship and intergenerational ministry 

These new Archdeacons will be commissioned at our first Team Training Day of the year, to be held at Samuel Marsden Collegiate, Karori, on Saturday 14 March 2020, to which all are warmly welcome.

Our deep thanks to the leadership of our Regional Archdeacons throughout the last season. In particular we extend deep and heartfelt thanks to Wendy Scott, Stuart Goodin, May Croft and Stephen King. Your love for your clergy and congregations, your wisdom, and your dedicated and faithful service is so appreciated.

The bishops encourage all of us to hold our Archdeacons, outgoing and incoming, in prayer before God as they seek to best serve our entire whānau with the gifts they have been given.