Tools, seeds and grocery packs planned for poverty-stricken Fijians

“Currently poverty is rife across the islands,”

Bishop Henry Bull, Bishop of Vanua Levu

Ex-pat Kiwi businesses aim to pay, protect and provide for Kolkata’s worst-hit communities

“In April alone, over 122 million Indians lost their jobs.”

Anthony Watts

Medical care regardless of religious, social class or political affiliations in Gaza

“We are suffering from shortages, running out of medicine and medical supplies”

Souhila Tarazi, Al-Ahli Arab Anglican Hospital

Malnutrition, poverty compounded by pandemic in Mozambique

“People are not afraid of dying of the pandemic, but of hunger. We receive petitions for food support but with limited funds, we are unable to meet these requests.”

Bishop Vicente, Diocese of Niassa

If you wish to donate to any of these needs, please go to the Anglican Missions website

Sharing out of our abundance with brothers and sisters overseas

As a nation, we are blessed in the way we have responded to COVID-19. Yet in so many other places around the world, COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the daily lives of our brothers and sisters there.  So Anglican Movement and Anglican Missions are partnering together to raise as much as we can for four projects closely associated with the Diocese of Wellington.

In Aotearoa, many Anglicans have not lost their income, and some have even saved money during this period.  I encourage you to get together in families, house churches and parishes and think creatively about how you can give into these places with great need.  Every one of us can support these initiatives in prayer, and if you can give financially, I encourage you to give generously.

Bishop Justin Duckworth, Bishop of Wellington