Bringing Joy, Giving Hope

Our Aim

Starlights aim is to bring joy and hope to mental health patients. We want them to know their community cares about them.

At Christmas we deliver goody-bags filled with gifts, and soft toys for the patients and their children.

At Easter, we deliver baskets filled with Easter eggs, chocolate novelties.



Who do we help


  • Ward 21, Palmerston North Hospital
  • Community Mental Health Centre
  • Crisis Team, Palmerston North Hospital
  • Agape Fellowship Drop In Centre
  • MASH Trust (head injury rehabilitation and support)

Hawkes Bay

  • Mental Health Inpatient Unit, Hawkes Bay Hospital
  • Crisis Team, Hawkes Bay Hospital
  • Te Whare Aronui Respite Centre (Hastings)
  • Richmond Fellowship (Napier)


Suitable Gifts

  • Caps, beanies, tee-shirts
  • Toiletries - deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, face-cloths, toilet soaps, hand creme, sun block, lip balm, shampoo
  • Toilet bags, cosmetic bags, tote bags, gift bags
  • Drink bottles
  • Sweets, biscuits, chocolate, chippies, non-cola sof drinks (non energy drinks)
  • Puzzle books and pens
  • Books, current magazines, stationery

All items must be new. This gift may be the only one they receive at Christmas. We want them to feel cherished!

Wish Lists

Starlight has asked the hospital in-patient units to supply lists of items that would add to their patients' quality of life. Starlight then endeavours to find donors.


Quilts donated by Rose City Quilters


How can you help?

  • By donating gifts for the patients at Christmas and Easter
  • Providing us with details of companies or organisations which may be able to help us


If you are able to help Cathy and Kathy in any way, please fill in the form on our Contact page and select Starlight

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