Sunday Morning Zoom Meetings

Sunday mornings at 11am.  This is open to everyone in our Parish.
Click on this link below

When it asks for a password, use the one that was mailed out to you.

This information will change if/when the Parish sets up it's own account with Zoom - that will probably have no time/duration limit.

Look forward to seeing you there.

If you haven’t used zoom before follow these instructions:

  • To start zoom click on this link: and follow instructions. I have written something to follow below.
  • After clicking the link, a box will come up and say:
  • A download should start automatically in a few seconds, If not download here.
  • A box should appear at the bottom of your screen which has RUN, SAVE or CANCEL
  • Click Run. The program will install
  • A box will appear that says connecting
  • please wait the meeting host will let you in soon, Wait while it connects.
  • We will see you then and can direct you from there.
  • Insert the password that was sent in an email
  • Happy Zooming!
Parish Zoom Meetings

When you're connected, make sure both you microphone and camera buttona at the bottom left corner are enabled.


To see everyone in a mosaic, click on the grid button top right.