Registration For Our Church Member Areas

Our Membership Pages

We have a large number of pages and areas of information available to our church parishoners that are not made available to the public.

To access these pages, parishoners will need to register, supply the following information about yourself and then be approved by one of our admins.  It's simple.  If we know you, you get access to our pages and information.  If we don't, you don't. Yes - we will check!

  1. A user name
    These should be in lower case. By preference, please use firstname dot surname as your username.  But whatever works for you - one that you can remember!
  2. Your email address.  One we can use to contact you.
  3. A password.  
    Please use at least 8 characters, preferably with at least one number or non standard character - i.e. hyphen, underscore, exclaimation mark etc. And confirm your password..
  4. Your current contact phone number. 
  5. Are you on the church roll
    Tick the box if you are. If you are a regular and not on the roll, no worries! Maybe make that known in the comment box.
  6. In the comment box you can add some details if you wish.  Only the admins get to see these form details.
  7. Enter the captcha characters in the box.  
    Sometimes they are really aobscure (good!) but if you can't decode it, click on it to show another.  Even the admin gets these wrong !  If you're using a mobile or touch screen device, zoom in!
  8. Click Register.
  9. If you have it all right you will get a confirmation message.  
  10. The admin will need to confirm who you say you are, and assign you a group or groups to belong to - these "groups" define what you can and can't see :)
  11. When we have approved your registration details, use the login page to see what is available for our Parishioners. 

So Parish people,  Go! Register and explore!